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Though topless tanning is the norm on most beaches throughout Italy, there can be a small issue if you want to go completely naked as this is usually restricted to certain areas of the beach. Nude tanning has been common in Italy for many years, in was only made officially legal in 2006, with a legislation that was passed to create designated public nudist beaches, with obvious signs and indications to show you where they are. There are now many beaches designated specifically to nudists, with nearly one in every coastal city.



One of the more popular nude beaches in Italy, beside Rome is Capocotta Beach. Although the beach has been used by nudists for over 30 years, it wasn’t until 2000 where the locals designated a special section to naturists. This beach is located on the South coast of Rome between Ostia and Torvaianica.

Rome Capocotta nude beach Italian

The beach itself is very unique as it is located within the Nature Reserve on the Roman Coastal area which gives you a beautiful unspoiled view of the translucent blue sea. Although the beach is picturesque with the soft golden sand, if you look behind there are striking dune formations that have taken over the landscape. There is a dedicated nude beach section within the 250 meter beach in the Liyornea/Varchi stop where you will find lots of useful kiosks and facilities.


A particularly unique beach in Italy for tanning naked, with black sand and black shingle, is Acquarilli Beach on Elba Island in Tuscany. When you arrive at the car park on the hill there is a breathtaking view overlooking the clear blue water at the beach. As there’s no facilities at all and the beach can be difficult to get to because of the steep pathway it means that the beach can be less busy than other areas of the island.

Italian Nude beach Acquarilli beach Italy

The secluded nature of the beach allows it to be a perfect place for nudists to feel free to do as they please in a beautiful uninterrupted beach. The view from the beach itself also has a very special feel to it overlooking the Capoliveri coastline until the small island of Gemini opposite.


Located in the gorgeous area of Liguria, just between Corniglia and Vernazza, Guvano Beach is truly a hidden gem in the middle of a seaside village already known for its stunning beauty.


Guvano Beach is the perfect spot to sunbathe in the buff and offers discrete isolation, so much so that you will need to get there by light hike and cross a small, deserted railway tunnel. It’s worth the walk!


Just close to the beautiful canals of Venice, you can find the Lido di Venezia. A quick train ride away, this beach spans 7 miles long and includes a small stretch dedicated to nudists. The small designated area is called Laguna dell’Isola del Mort and is perfect for perfect tanners.


A day at Lido di Venezia and an evening of dinner and drinks in Venice city is the perfect way to spend any day in Italy.


In the southern side of Italy beside Palinuro lies another unique nudist beach, Spiaggia Del Troncone. This 400m nude beach, hidden by the ridges of the rocks has three bays; a very small one that fits only a group of people, another larger one that can hold 20 people and then the largest one which can accommodate around 150 people.

Spiaggia Del Troncone Nude Beach Italy

The area itself is surrounded by the National park of Cilento and Vallo Di Diano, a UNESCO world heritage site, gives it an amazing view while also being secluded.


Other notable nude beaches in Italy worth mentioning:
Bibbona beach ,Tuscany
Nido dell’aquila. San Vincenzo (Livorno)
Spiaggia del troncone, beside Palinuro
Lido di morge, coast of Abruzzo
Costa Dei Barbari,  Friuli-Venezia Giulia, just oustide of Trieste
Bassona beach, Emilia Romagna in the South of Ravenna

Sicily´s best nudist beaches are becoming more and more popular

Start planning your nudist Sicilian getaway by having a look at the list of Sicily´s best nudist beaches and coves that we have selected for you:

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Eraclea Minoa

This beach is located within the town of Cattolica Eraclea, near Agragento.

Eraclea Minoa beach is nestled inside the nature reserve Foce del Fiume Platani. It´s a 5 kilometers long beach of fine and golden sand, which combines with some areas of pebbles.  The most frequented part of the beach by naturists stretches from the cliffs of Capo Bianco to the mouth of Platini’s river. We recommend you to bring with you food and drinks to enjoy this hidden gem. 

Sicily´s best nudist beaches

Torre Salsa

This Natural reserve area is also close to Agrigento, where you will discover an oasis with isolated and wild beaches, which are protected by the WWF ( World Wildlife Fund).  This area stretches over 761.62 hectares, with approximately 6 km of unspoiled coastline that lies between the towns of Siculiana and the municipality of Montallegro. The beach where is allowed to practice naturism is called Funcitella, which is made up almost of fine-white sand. 

Sicily´s best nudist beaches

Capo Feto

This beach is a popular nudist destination for over the past 50 years, nestled within a natural preserve also under the name of Capo Feto, located few kilometers away from Mazara del Vallo.  This untouched Mediterranean wild nature of fine white sand and its beautiful colors, makes it one of the nicest places in Sicily, while offering discretion and tranquility. 

Sicily´s best nudist beaches
Picture: From

Casello 41

It belongs to the nature reserve where Belice River flows into the sea, a coastline area that stretches for more than 5 kilometers on the southern coast of Sicily, between Marinella di Selinunte and Porto Palo, featured by gold reddish sandy shorelines and dune humps moving under the action of the winds.  Bear in mind that eateries are not provided in this area, so bring your own drinks and food.

Sicily´s best nudist beaches
Picture: From Unione Naturisti Siciliani

Capo Gallo

One of the most popular stretches of the coast of Palermo. The headland of Capo Gallo separates the two main gulfs of Palermo: the Gulf of Mondello and Sferracavallo.  

From spring to late autumn naturism can be enjoyed.  The designated areas to go swimsuit-free is the beach on the side of Mondello, right after the lighthouse. As well as, when entering from the side of Sferracavallo, naturism can be practiced in the central part of the preserve.

This coast is completely made up of rock formations, but you will love its picturesque coves, perfect for snorkeling and swimming into the crystal clear waters, and it’s way quieter than sandy beaches. 

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Sicily´s best nudist beaches
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The Marianelli beach is a secluded beach, wild and unspoiled, located on the eastern coast of Sicily, within the Vendicari Nature Reserve, between Noto and Marzamemi.

Marianelli presents a pristine sandy coastline of clear crystal shallow waters alternating with rocky stretches. Due to its isolated location, it is popular for naturists and lovers.

The beach is a quite easy to reach ( about 10-15 minutes). During the summer the farm Marianeddi runs a bar and restaurant.

Sicily´s best nudist beaches
Picture: From

Fondaco Parrino

A beach that deserves to be mentioned in this list of Sicily´s best nudist beaches Fondaco Parrino beach, located in the province of Messina, just a few miles away from the beautiful Taormina. To get down the beach, you have to exit the highway by Taormina, head to this town and when you see the camping paradise, you can park nearby and head to the nudist beach.

The beach is narrow and long and consists of sand, pebbles and rocks, the sea is populated by numerous species of fauna, an ideal place to practice snorkeling and scuba diving. The southern section of the Fondaco Parrino beach is frequented mainly by naturists

We would advise you to take with you special shoes to be able to walk comfortably on the pebbles. When you feel a bit peckish you have a restaurant called Lido Sunkisses, but remember to put on your clothes first!

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Sicily´s best nudist beaches
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Forza D´Agrò 

While you are in the area, another beach near Taormina that could not be missed out is Forza d´Agro, in the region of Parrino. A hidden beach with a relaxing atmosphere and incredible sea views, an authentic nudist haven in Sicily.

Sicily´s best nudist beaches
Picture: From

Canneto Beach

This traditionally frequented area by naturists is located in the east coast of the island of Lipari, the beach is composed of pebbles mixed with sand, its well known for its splendid bay with intense turquoise clear waters. Its a well-equiped beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as bars and restaurants are available.

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Sicily´s best nudist beaches
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Pantelleria Island 

Lastly, in our list of Sicily´s best nudist beaches, we would like to talk about Pantelleria, another recommended destination for nudists. An Island of volcanic origin, at the center of the Mediterranean.

There are no beaches but only cliffs of basalt and volcanic rocks that form countless inlets and coves surrounded crystal clear sea, where naturism is practiced.  Among those coves, the most visited ones by nudists are: Punta Gattara, Pond Order, Scarpetta Cinderella, Cala Cottone, Punta Old Guard, Punta Gadir.  Ensure you bring your own food and drinks, and spend the whole day discovering the secret hidden coves.

The World’s Best Nude Beaches

In most places, hitting the beach in the buff comes with such pesky side effects as “public indecency charges.” Or it involves going all-in on a naturalist resort, throwing you into a whole different lifestyle when you just want to go snorkeling without trunks on. But sometimes, a nude beach experience can be a little slice of fully nude paradise.

We’ve already shared our favorite nude beaches in the US and outlined the rules of nudist resorts. Now, we’re looking around the globe for the best places to soak up the sun, au naturel. Sure, most are just places we’re daydreaming of at the moment. But you can use that extra time to plan the perfect trip… and maybe do a few extra crunches.


Spiaggia di Guvano

Corniglia, Italy
This small shoreline’s a far cry from the Riviera’s tourist-packed beaches, but well worth the short trek through a pitch-black tunnel (don’t forget a flashlight) in the mountainous Cinque Terre region. You’ll be rewarded with an isolated beach populated by naked Italians. In fact, you’ll probably be the only tourist there. Just make sure you don’t fall to your death attempting to reach it.
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Red Beach

Crete, Greece
While Red Beach gets its name from the rusty color of the sand, here’s a better fun fact: A naked Frenchman camped out here for five years in the ’90s — carving animals and faces into the limestone — until the locals expelled him for being a bit too creepy. But as long as you don’t try to become an unofficially tenured professor creating permanent art installations, feel free to enjoy the beach, which even has its own coffee/beer stand. Pro tip: The sand’s a little coarse, and ”a little coarse” can be an understatement when your tender regions are exposed… so bring a towel.
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Paradise Beach

Mykonos, Greece
Nude beaches are often pretty laid-back affairs. Paradise Beach, on the other hand, is the rare type that’s as fun when the sun goes down as it is when it’s up: in fact it’s perhaps the best nude party beach in the world. One of the world’s most popular gay destinations (though all are welcome), there are two bars on site to keep the party going and the inhibitions at bay. Don’t miss the monthly full-moon party, which is just as outrageous as you’d expect from a nude beach in Mykonos.
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Plage de Tahiti

St. Tropez, France
The beaches of St. Tropez are famous for pioneering the topless sunbathing craze of the ’60s, and Plage de Tahiti’s no exception. It’s also a well-known celebrity haunt, so leave the camera at the hotel and keep your eyes peeled, because you might spot somebody like Eva Green. You’ll probably spot Gerard Depardieu, too, but hey, you take the pros with the cons.
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Patara Beach

Patara, Turkey
Patara’s the longest beach on the Turkish Riviera, and features the requisite soft sand and warm, shallow water of all the world’s truly great shorelines. It’s also a protected nesting site for sea turtles, meaning that: a) the odds of slashing your foot on a carelessly discarded broken bottle are pretty slim; and b) you should be completely comfortable with turtles seeing you naked.
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Vecaki Beach

Vecaki, Latvia
What you may not know about Latvia (despite having watched that episode of Seinfeld many times) is that the country’s coast is over 300 miles of pure, uninterrupted Baltic beach — not bad for a country the size of West Virginia. Just north of Latvia’s capital is the country’s biggest naturist beach — the nude-friendly portion of shoreline spans from Vecāķi to Kalngale, and is also popular among locals as a beach volleyball spot. That’s right: Naked Latvians playing beach volleyball. We’ll leave it at that.


Bellevue Beach

Klampenborg, Denmark
During the summer months, Bellevue Beach is the antithesis of a nude beach full of uninhibited retirees: It’s a hotspot for younger, rowdier Danes who come from nearby towns looking to party. One half of the beach is strictly topless-optional, while the other welcomes fully nude revelers — it should be immediately clear which one’s the fun half. Both!
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Samurai Beach

Port Stephens, Australia
Along with the nearby One Mile Beach, Samurai’s located next to Tomaree National Park and is well-maintained year round (don’t worry, the chances of a bloodthirsty koala making its way down from the park are pretty slim). Unlike the family-friendly One Mile, however, Samurai is entirely clothing-optional. Here, those old ”Coed Naked Beach Volleyball” shirts are an actual reality.
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Haulover Beach

Miami, Florida
The soft sands of South Beach are what one might describe as topless tolerant, but if you want to strip all the way down in Miami, head north to Haulover. Europeans and South Americans mix with brave locals, as the beach has become an international tourist attraction for those headed to South Florida. It’s less than half an hour from South Beach, or anywhere else you’d want to go in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, so you can easily check it out if you’re in town. Just keep in mind that though it’s well-marked, more than a few fully-clothed beach joggers find themselves running through here, so it’s not exactly private.
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Leela Beach

Koh Phangan, Thailand
Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Phangan is famous for its moon parties, but it’s also home to a beach where every day is a full-moon party. Leela, on the south tip of the island, is a surprisingly chill affair in a region whose beaches are known to be a little more raucous, especially in a country whose emergent naturalist community is ever growing. This is a party island through and through, but if you need a little private time, ironically the best place to get it might just be its famous nude beach.


Rovinj, Croatia
Since it’s technically part of an award-winning naturist campsite, Valalta’s almost two-mile beach has something most others lack: adequate shade to make sure you’re not overcooking where the sun don’t (usually) shine. There’s also a pool with an aqua-bar AND a water slide, plus an onsite brewery. Seriously, Croatians just get it.
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Hippie Hollow

Austin, Texas
This secluded corner of Lake Travis has been Texas’ premiere nude beach for over 20 years, though it took some legal finagling in the 1970s to make it official. Since then it’s become a popular weekend spot where Texans drink beer under the sun while boaters cruise by and wave. And in a city bent on keeping itself weird in the face of a huge development boom, Hippie Hollow is a big help. Daylong parties are the norm here — cookouts and booze are totally fine.
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Es Trenc

Majorca, Spain
The secret’s out on this one, and during the peak summer months you’re likely to find hordes of visitors along the white sandy shores of Es Trenc. Fortunately, the central area of the beach (the nude part) tends to be less choked than the rest — motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on the beach here — so you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the place in relative privacy.
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Praia do Pinho

Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
Located about 50 miles north of Florianopolis, 2013’s happiest city in the world, Praia do Pinho’s widely considered to be the first naturist beach in Brazil, one where you can even rent cabins and settle in for the weekend. There are rules in this paradise. First off, nudity’s mandatory here, so no taking off your shirt and then being all, like, ”I’m totally going to get settled in first.” Second, unaccompanied males aren’t allowed on the beach, unless they’re members of the International Naturist Federation. So if you’re a non-card-carrying dude (though we’re not sure where said cards are carried), be sure to show up with a female companion.
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Little Beach

Maui, Hawaii
Some might argue in favor of the black sand beach at Kehena, but our pick for the best clothing-optional beach in Hawaii is along the soft white sands of Maui in a hidden, woodsy cove with big Pacific waves breaking on a turquoise shoreline. It’s every bit the Hawaiian vacation fantasy, minus the bathing suits. Just be cool: Though technically nudity is illegal here, it’s tolerated by local law enforcement, so the nudity is kind of a secret (hence the nickname Secret Beach).
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Black’s Beach

San Diego, California
The best nude beach on the Pacific sits just north of San Diego near Torrey Pines, where Californians flock to get line-free tans. Because of the location, it draws California beach-types rather than hippies, and feels more like Endless Summer than a beachside Woodstock (seriously, these are the best surf breaks of any nude beach, anywhere). Just remember it’s still the Pacific Ocean, so while being naked might be liberating, it can be a little chilly. And pay attention to where you strip down: Nudity is only legal on the state-owned portion of the beach.
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Gunnison Beach

Sandy Hook, New Jersey
The National Parks system is one of our great American treasures, and perhaps nowhere can we appreciate it more than here at the largest clothing-optional beach on the East Coast. This former Army testing site is now managed by the NPS, and therefore exempt from New Jersey’s state laws outlawing nudity on beaches. And it’s close enough to NYC to offer stunning views of Brooklyn and the Verrazano Bridge. That also means it can get crowded, but hey, that’s what booze is for, and since it’s on federal land, alcohol is permitted.

Ahlbeck Beach

Ahlbeck, Germany
Nicknamed Sunny Island, this Baltic Sea spot is split between Germany and Poland and boasts more average sunlight hours than just about any other spot in either country. So it’s basically made for nudists in search of the perfect tan. Off the beach, the town of Albeck is a charming seaside resort city, with a bustling pier and opulent mansions, a sort of Newport for naturists, if you will. It’s also located near the island’s trio of popular seaside resorts (or Imperial Spas, as they’re known).

Playa El Torn

Tarragona, Spain
At almost a mile in length, El Torn’s no slouch on the size, so you’ll have plenty of personal space when the locals and tourists descend. It’s a protected beach, backed by a pine forest that, once you put your clothes on, makes for some challenging hikes and offers spectacular views of the water. Or walk out onto the rocky promontory that is the island of torn, an interesting rock formation with an old abandoned watch tower. The beach is cleaned regularly and police patrol to make sure nobody’s dumping empty Fanta bottles in the dunes.
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Sandy Bay

Cape Town, South Africa
It’s hard to find a secluded place in bustling Cape Town, but if you’re down for a little hike — and, let’s be honest, Cape Town is overflowing with great outdoor strolls — you can stroll down the beach to Sandy Bay and reward yourself by skinny dipping in the Atlantic. This quiet stretch of sand, not far from busy Llandudno Beach, is surrounded by dunes and boulders, so it manages to be walled off from the rest of the area without being completely isolated.
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Anse de Grande Saline

St. Barts
Anse de Grande Saline is the opposite of what most of us think of when we think of a Caribbean nudist experience, which generally involves all-inclusive resorts like Hedonism II, where the concept nudity and an endless supply of food and alcohol come together with expected results. Here, you have everything you want in a Caribbean beach — the white powdery sands, the crystal clear waters, the extreme serenity — minus garments. And since it’s a bit of a walk to the secluded cove, you’ll be able to find a spot to enjoy it in relative privacy, if that’s how you roll.
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Best Nude Beaches in Europe

Across the pond, toplessness isn’t as taboo as it can be in the States. But, to go fully monty, you’ll need to find the right spots. These 10 nude beaches run the gamut from secluded and scenic to urban and accessible, each with their own flavor of charm and all on board with as much as you want to bare.

Experiencing a nude beach for the first time? Try Mirtiotissa Beach in Greece. Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and are opting for more seclusion, Italy’s Acquarilli Beach requires its visitors to scale 150 feet of rock before arriving on the beachfront. Croatia’s Valalta is a combo of both a nude beach and a naturist compound, too.

Whatever your preference of culture and setting, if you’re looking for a nude beach, it won’t be difficult to find. Read on for our selection of the best nude beaches in Europe.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Mirtiotissa Beach

Mirtiotissa BeachShutterstock

Mirtiotissa Beach – Corfu, Greece

If there’s a perfect nude beach for your first time, Mirtiotissa Beach would be it. A narrow dirt road leads to this sliver of golden sand hemmed in on both sides by cliffs made green by palms, pines and shrubs. The water is calm, invitingly so, making it easy for first-timers to tell themselves that they were simply inspired by the setting to skinny dip and not that they came here to try a new experience. The only downside is that this hideaway has no facilities.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Playa Es Trenc

Playa Es TrencShutterstock

Playa Es Trenc – Mallorca, Spain

Like a zero-entry pool, this white-sand beach on the southern tip of Mallorca slopes so gently that it’s perfect for lounging in the shallows and relaxing with a beverage. Plus, it’s huge — spanning just shy of two miles — and has goodies like umbrellas and sun chairs for rent, making this one of the best European nude beaches.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Alteirinhos


Alteirinhos – Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal

Even if you have no intention to show skin, this quiet beach is worth the trek down several flights of steps, especially at sunset, given that this spot faces due west. If you do want to lose the tan lines, visit during low tide, or else the ocean won’t give you much room to lay out a beach blanket.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Kampen Beach

Kampen BeachShutterstock

Kampen Beach – Island of Sylt, Germany

The island of Sylt is to Germany what Cape Cod or Nantucket is to the Northeast: Grass-covered dunes serve as a backdrop to the long ribbon of latte-colored sand. But, because this is Germany, a country with a long history of accepting nudity, it’s perfectly natural to go suit-less at one of the best nude beaches in Europe.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Playa La Tejita

Playa La TejitaShutterstock

Playa La Tejita – Tenerife, Spain

Of Tenerife’s dozen or so nude beaches, this is one of the biggest and most scenic, next to the red volcanic peak that is La Montana Roja headland. But guests aren’t here to hike. Sportier types can take advantage of conditions ideal for bodysurfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, but most visitors come for sun. Day beds are available, as are snacks. A short walk from the ocean leads to Chiringutio Pirata, uncapping cold beer and dishing up paella, sandwiches and tapas.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Alberoni


Alberoni – Lido de Benezia, Italy

Between the canals of Venice and the Adriatic Sea lies the island of Lido, a massive beach with umbrellas and sun chairs planted in rows like corn. And on the southernmost stretch, find the area known as Alberoni, where nudism is “de rigueur.” Summer-weekend crowds diminish the numbers of naturists, but weekdays and off-season bring them out.

Acquarilli Beach – Tuscany, Italy

There’s no white sand here, just black sand and pebbles. And Acquarilli Beach is physically a bit tricky to access, asking that visitors negotiate 150 feet of rock down to the water’s edge. But therein lies the appeal: Because this beach is a “no” for so many, those who say “yes” gain a lot of privacy for frolicking.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Bellevue Beach

Bellevue BeachShutterstock

Bellevue Beach – Klampenborg, Denmark

This is a best-of-both-worlds beach: close to the city yet wildly natural. Find it north of the capital of Copenhagen, reachable by train. And, like Robert Moses State Park in New York, Bellevue Beach has that urban feel — mainly because it’s a constant party, especially among the Danish twenty-something set.

Nude Beaches in Europe: Red Beach

Red BeachShutterstock

Red Beach – Crete, Greece

This gem is not at all easy to reach, thus its reputation as one of Europe’s secret nude beaches. Find it 42 miles west of the town of Heraklion on Crete’s north coast. Hand-painted signs lead to the two starting points. Both require about 25 minutes of hiking. From the south side of Matala Bay, follow the path that leads up to the red cliffs, then down to this Eden. The reward: a sanctuary-like outpost, offering naturists a true communing experience.